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Cloud Niners eliquids Vape Vandal

Cloud Niners is the most exquisite brand of e-juices. The e-juices of Cloud Niners were produced in Malaysia in the year 2015 for the needs of cloud chasers. The simple flavors with exotic sense makes vaping an amazing experience. The mono-flavors which are ultra-realistic and far from complex can take you instantly to the ninth cloud. They are primarily fruity with recipes that are rich in taste.

In the e-juices of Cloud Niners, you will find the proportion of 30% Propylene glycol and 70% of vegetable glycerine which creates the maximum vapour. Cloud niners offers the best selection of signature e-juices with the aim that you get the most ultimate and superb flavor.

Available in blackcurrant, banana, apple durian, citrus, cookies, grapes and many more, the Cloud Niners are perfect to take your vaping to a whole new level. Our products are specifically brewed and are amalgamated with the fresh, pure and high-quality materials in order to proffer you the most appropriate exhaling and inhaling effect while vaping.

Checkout the high quality vaping juices of Cloud Niners and buy your favorite flavor.