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Shipping & Customs Information

Unbeatable prices

Why are our e-liquids so cheap? Vape Vandal sources genuine Malaysian e-liquids from Malaysia and ships them to you directly from Malaysia with no middleman, resellers or contracts in between, hence our unbeatable prices.


Looking for make an order of at least 50 bottles? Let's talk. Email


Planning a big order? For most countries, if your order exceeds 2kg (over 20 bottles), we recommend:

  1. spreading the order to more than 1 address, or
  2. spreading the order to a few days - extra charges may apply. Email us at to make a special arrangement.


  • We highly recommend using DHL (receive within a week) as airmail takes up to a month, or more.


  • Airmail: No issues thus far
  • DHL: Duties may be imposed for orders over 10 bottles

Europe (TPD)

  • Most countries: No problem with packets/boxes 1kg or less.
  • France: Usually 2-3 weeks via airmail.
  • Germany: We only send via DHL due to customers' bad experience with airmail.
  • Belgium: May from time to time ask for an invoice which we can provide upon request.
  • Italy: Usually 2-3 weeks, but may occassionally take up to 2 months. 10-20% chances of confiscation where we cannot offer a refund.

Gulf and UAE

  • Most countries: Safer with an express courier service like Aramex. Use your Shop & Ship account if you have one.
  • Saudi Arabia: We only send via Aramex (safe for under 50 bottles / 5kg). Use your Shop & Ship account if you have one.
  • Bahrain: No problem with airmail, but try to keep at 1kg or below. Bigger orders are fine so far with Shop & Ship but we do not recommend exceeding 2kg parcels (see above, General).

Asia, Pacific, China 中国

  • Most countries: No problem with packets/boxes 1kg or less.
  • Australia: We highly recommend DHL (receive within a week) for faster and more traceable deliveries.
  • Japan: No issues so far, with or without nicotine.
  • Singapore: 100% successful deliveries in 2017.
  • Vietnam: For bigger orders (over 20 bottles / 2kg), please email us at 

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