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Epothecary, The - Four Elixir Kit Bundle

This product has either been discontinued by the manufacturer or de-listed in Vape Vandal.

The Epothecary Four Elixir Kit consists of all 4 of the exciting Vape for Effect products:

Awake (3mg) - Promotes natural energy, clear mind
Sweet lemon tea with a hint of berry & spice. A proprietary blend of green tea, yerba mate, vitamin B12 & ginseng with lemon, organic flavors and stevia.

Breathe (3mg) - Promotoes bronchial health, rest
Hot lemon and honey with mint & eucalyptus. Proprietary blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, licorice, mullein and thyme with honey and lemon flavor and stevia.

Calm (0mg) - Promotes relaxation, peace of mind & restful sleep
A rich dark chocolate with earthy tones. Proprietary blend of valerian root, St. John's wort, ginseng with organic flavors & stevia extract.

Enhance (3mg) - Promotes vitality & libido
Crème caramel with notes of cinnamon & spice. Propriteary blend of maca, yohimbe, cinnamon & ginseng with organic flavors & stevia extract.