NanoSTIX Neo (V2)

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Have you been waiting for the upgraded version of NanoSTIX as an alternative to smoking? Your wait has now ended!! Vape Vandal has now introduced the all-new NanoSTIX Neo (V2) online for home delivery. This closed pod device is a lightweight, stainless steel system, 33% bigger, designed in a more stylish manner than the earlier version. The NanoSTIX Neo (V2) is equipped with USB Type-C fast charging and an LED power indicator for an improved user experience. Here is the range of NanoSTIX colors available at our online shop:-

  • Aquamarine
  • Rich Gold
  • Jet Black
  • Supernova Red
  • Corporate Blue
  • Hot Pink
  • Space Grey
  • Royal Purple
  • Petra
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Tuxedo
  • Army
  • Denim

Exciting NanoSTIX Neo (V2) Flavors


Considering the growing demand, Vape Vandal has introduced the following range of NanoSTIX Neo (V2) flavors so that you never go out of options. Let us check out some exotic nanostick variants:-

  • Mix series: Mix Red (Banana Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Coffee Hazelnut, TABAC Classic), Mix Blue (Grape Ice, Mango Ice, Guava, Lychee)
  • TABAC series : TABAC Classic, TABAC Menthol
  • FREEZI series: Jackfruit, Lychee, Guava
  • Utopia series: Coffee, Coffee Hazelnut
  • Superb series: Graple, Honeydew, Strawberry Apple, Bubblegum
  • Velvet series: Strawberry Vanilla, Banana Vanilla
  • Fantasi series: Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Mango Ice, Orange Ice, Lemonade Ice

Following the motto of bigger capacity, bigger satisfaction, here are the features of NanoSTIX Neo V2 liquid cartridges:-

  • 2ml capacity
  • 33% larger capacity
  • Compact design
  • Huge flavor range
  • Nicotine salt
  • 4000 Puffs
  • Available in packs of 4

Do not mistakenly read the compact size of nanostick pods to have less capacity. NanoSTIX Neo V2 devices possesses potency equivalent of 45 cigarettes. Furthermore, they use naturally occurring nicotine salts rather than traditional freebase nicotine for efficient vaping.

Now that you have walked through the exotic and surprising flavors of NanoSTIX Neo V2, buy them from Vape Vandal’s online store and enjoy them with your companions. If the product size is unsatisfactory as per your vaping routine or expectations, try our disposable vape pods with 6000 puffs to enjoy varied fruity flavors.

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Aquamarine, Brass, Corporate Blue, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Rich Gold, Royal Purple, Space Grey, Supernova Red, Titanium, Army, Denim, Petra, Tuxedo