Shipping Customs Information

Shipping & Customs Information

Unbeatable prices

Why are our e-liquids so cheap? Vape Vandal sources genuine Malaysian e-liquids from Malaysia and ships them to you directly from Malaysia with no middleman, resellers or contracts in between, hence our unbeatable prices.


100% original products, zero tolerance for fake stuff.

Wholesale and bulk

Looking for make an order of at least 50 bottles? Let’s talk. Email sa***@va**********.com or visit


Planning a big order? For most countries, if your order exceeds 2kg (over 20 bottles), we recommend:

1 spreading the order to more than 1 address, or

2 spreading the order to a few days – extra charges may apply. Email us at va**********@gm***.com">va**********@gm***.com to make a special arrangement.


  • We highly recommend using DHL (receive within a week) as airmail takes up to a month or more.


  • Airmail: No issues thus far
  • DHL: Duties may be imposed for orders over 10 bottles


Europe (TPD)

  • Most countries: No problem with packets/boxes 1kg or less.
  • France: Usually 2-3 weeks via airmail. Within a week via DHL.
  • Germany: We only send via DHL due to customers’ bad experience with airmail.
  • Belgium: May from time to time ask for an invoice which we can provide upon request.
  • Italy: Airmail only. Usually 2-3 weeks, but may occasionally take up to 2 months. 10-20% chances of confiscation where we cannot offer a refund.


Gulf and UAE

  • Most countries: Safer with an express courier service like Aramex. Use your Shop & Ship account if you have one.
  • Saudi Arabia: We only send via Aramex (safe for under 50 bottles / 5kg). Use your Shop & Ship account if you have one.
  • Bahrain: No problem with airmail, but try to keep at 1kg or below. Bigger orders are fine so far with Shop & Ship but we do not recommend exceeding 2kg parcels (see above, General).


Asia, Pacific, China 中国

  • Most countries: No problem with packets/boxes 1kg or less.
  • Australia: We highly recommend DHL (receive within a week) for faster and more traceable deliveries.
  • Japan: No issues so far, with or without nicotine.
  • Singapore: 100% successful deliveries in 2017 and 2018.
  • Vietnam: For bigger orders (over 20 bottles / 2kg), please email us at va**********@gm***.com


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